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    what is best tracker .....AE mocaha or mocha pro vs pf tracker vs AE ???

    Muhammad Umair Shabbir Level 1

      i have use

      AE cc2015 fully updates


      mocha pro 4.1

      i know difference b/w them but now

      i think pf tracker is more accurate and good i have not sued it

      does any body know it??

      plase let me know


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Unfortunately there is no real answer to your question because the best tracker to use depends entirely on your shot and what you are trying to do. I do a lot of tracking and nearly every shot requires a slightly different technique. I have Mocha Pro, Syntheses, Nuke, After Effects, Blender, C4D and every one of them have trackers that are better suited to some jobs than others. I do a surprising number of shots just using AE's Stabilize (not warp stabilize) and AE's point tracker because I can get done what needs to be done in less time than with any other method. I use AE's corner pin tracking quite often, but most of my corner pin tracking is done in Mocha AE. If I need additional functions that Mocha Pro has I'll open up the project in that. I even use the tracker in Blender quite often to do things like texture tracking and 2.5D projection mapping. It works amazingly well for some shots. I use Syntheses to do complicated background replacement and texture replacement.


          So here's my question to you. What kind of tracking are you trying to do? How often do you do it? Do you have a professional understanding of the principals of tracking and compositing as it relates to perspective and parallax handling lens distortion problems? I'm just wrapping up a tutorial on surface replacement using Mocha AE, Mocha's corner pin tracking in along with CC Power Pin to replace a logo on a truck. It was the best solution for this particular shot because of the shot, the surface of the truck, the reflections and shadows, and a couple of other considerations. If the shot used a different truck and was shot at a different time of day AE's corner pin tracker may have done the job using a simpler workflow in less time, but because of the shot Mocha AE worked just fine.


          Here's what the project looks like using Mocha AE:

          The final comp:

          Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 9.53.16 AM.png

          The Mocha Project final testing:

          Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 10.05.18 AM.png

          The CC Power Pin comp with the truck layer visible for reference::

          Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 9.54.58 AM.png

          As complex as this looks if the shot didn't have any shadows and the truck trailer had more detail and the camera didn't have so much movement or lens distortion I could have done this project using AE's Stabilizer, a null and an expression with about half the layers.


          Show us a typical shot and we can suggest the easiest and fastest option. The only way you know which tool is best is to work a bunch of shots in a bunch of different ways and pay attention to the details of the workflow. Here's a short tutorial on another tracking (make that stabilizing) technique that works extremely well and can be done in very little time using AE's basic tracker: (Sorry, there's no audio)