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    Using Laptop as Lightroom Client


      I recently purchased a new iMac to use alongside of my Macbook Pro for editing pictures.  Sometimes I like the option of browsing the previews on my laptop or editing the smart previews I have mobile.  I was wondering what the options are for treating the laptop as a Lightroom client.  I'd love to just be able to see/download the smart previews on my laptop that are on my account (like the iPad app can see the previews that are synced).  Is this possible with the full desktop app?


      I have looked into syncing with Dropbox.  I hear that this is a quick way to corrupt your lightroom catalog though, which I'm not looking to do.  Also, the large preview folders that would be costly and slow to sync.


      Any advice on the dual computer setup would be appreciated!

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          khatwani Adobe Employee (Admin)



          I can provide you the solution what I do for using lightroom on dual computer.

          I have my catalog and all the images on my external hard drive.
          I take this hard drive everywhere and just put it in the machine where Lightroom is installed.

          i open my catalog from the hard drive and start editing.

          Everything stays there.




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            john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you  frequently switch between computers, probably the external drive method works best. You can keep the originals on the drive too, or just smart previews.


            Dropbox works fine, if you give it time to sync up from the computer you have just stopped using, and then down to the other computer before you open the catalogue.


            You also have the Export as Catalog / Import from Another Catalog method if you want to take a group of images into the other computer.


            A light alternative is to use Lightroom Mobile but through a browser. This gives you the ability to review, flag and add star ratings, and also do some broad adjustments.

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              Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I use two MBP's and have the catalog on a LaCie Thunderbolt drive with previews and smart previews (make sure Catalog settings are stored with Catalog in Preferences) and image files that I am using currently on a USB3 Drive..... this is fast enough as Lightroom isn't accessing the files so much. My MBP's have SSD drives so Lightroom runs well....

              This allows me complete portability, even to plug into any other computer with Lightroom and everything is always up to date...

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                Pier Paolo Perotti

                I was thinking of having, lets say, LR Ircat Catalog file and smart previews synced through Dropbox. My aim mainly is selecting pictures, sorting, renaming, tagging, face tagging, making and editing albums. In this way, I do not have to be around with a drive with my pictures, which could be lost in the way. I want to keep my files in my iMac while being able to do some work on the way.


                I think it should work, meanwhile I will just make a catalog backup before  I try this way