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    Can not synchronise develop settings properly, LR keeps automatic adjusting my light settings :( please help

    mathiash33098980 Level 1

      Hi community.


      I've been a long time user of adobe products and also Adobe Lightroom. I'm used to edit big amounts of images and synchronise the settings to

      quickly get a nice result.


      Lately LR has been overriding my develop synchronises with automatic light adjustments. It seems to copy my settings just fine to the images I see on screen but the ones off screen (same cataloge) are auto adjusted in every light category. It has become very frustrating. I turned off auto lighting settins multiple times or even reinstalled LR but the problem stays. I happend right after the Apple AI Capitain Upgrade .


      Also my navigator screen keep shoing a dark overlay in develop mode. doesn't help when panning tru my presets.


      Anyone got the same issue and maybe know how to solve?


      Thank you!