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    Photoshop mix ' fix & Lightroom mobile

    Charlotte James

      Hi all


      Recently I picked up an iPad pro and am looking at having my workflow use primarily the mobile apps for majority of my retouching ? post.


      My question is whether the image pulled from Lightroom mobile to work on in fix/mix, is the full res image or simply the smart preview.


      From a couple of tests it appears it is a lower res preview image. When zooming in on mix/fix you do not see the required detail.


      Am I to assume that the connectivity between mix/fix and Lightroom mobile is pretty much pointless because of this. I would need to export the full size images via Lightroom desktop to Dropbox and then load images to work on into fix/mix this way?


      If I'm wrong, someone please educate me as to the correct workflow here.


      Many thanks.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          If you really want to work on details (like sharpening and noise reduction), then Lightroom Mobile isn't the tool for you, as it does work on lower-res images than the original photo. If you want to work on macro features such as exposure, contrast, saturation, etc., Lightroom mobile is fine and thus is not pointless.

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            Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There is no correct workflow .... just what works for you.....

            Paige is correct, detail is lacking as smart previews are used... band width is not suitable for full res files at this time.

            However I am seeing plenty of good stuff with Lr Mobile, Ps Mix, Fix, etc.... but of course I have only seen them on the net... if that is your use great. If you want 5x3 metre displays, then these are probably not the tools.....

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              Charlotte James Level 1

              it depends on what final outcome your images are being created for. Print and web are ideal hence the need for highest quality. My pointless comment was more directed for The fact Lightroom mobile shrinks the file sizes before you work on them.


              Until an update hits to resolve this then I'll be using the work around of full size images to Dropbox then retouch using fix and mix from there.