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    Edge Animate CC inserting into HTML


      This is a very simple question. What is the simplest way to insert an edge animate project (inline) into a website. Should I use a div or an iframe. I don't want to use dreamweaver or muse as the rest of my website is in business catalyst. Here are my files.


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          marjantrajkovski Level 4

          You can insert through CLASS, but you must carefully change paths of all dependent files.


          This works like every other inserted JavaScript.


          1. JavaScript code from published html file copy in new JavaScript file.

          2. In your html insert path to that new JavaScript file.

          3. In your html insert class where you want to insert project.

          4. In your html insert path to Edge Animate runtime (to CDN or your server)

          5. Eventualy carefully change paths in both JavaScript files (in first new JS for other second JS and in that other second JS for dependent images) if the all files are not in same folder like html file.

          That can works with just one JavaScript file merging both JavaScript files.

          At the end it is just one JavaScript with dependent images or simply one JavaScript if you dont use images.