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    My stand-alone version of Lightroom (v 6.3) has suddenly stopped working, and it won't even launch!


      Its been running perfectly reliably on a Windows 10 PC until yesterday, and now...nothing!  Whether I click on the desktop shortcut, or try running the application, there's not even a splash screen displayed.  But when I look in Task Manager, it looks like Lightroom tries to start as a background process, but after a couple of seconds it vanishes - there's no sign of it running even in the background.  But I see that there's another Adobe application that runs and vanishes at the same time - called Adobe License Utility 32 bit (even though I'm running 64-bit Windows 10)


      My PC appears to be working fine, apart from Lightroom.


      I'm stumped, but before I try going through the whole palaver of a full uninstall and reinstall, I thought I should ask for help!


      (There's no connection with CC is there?  I'm not a CC subscriber, though I did sign up for the free 30-day CC trial a while ago - but never had time to do anything with it)


      Thanks for any help you can offer!