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    so everybody says shoot in RAW, BUT Canon Web Services, Lightroom 5.7 and Photoshop Elements 14 really don't work well with RAW?

    ThomasJohnLynch Level 1

      so everybody says shoot in RAW, I like shooting in RAW, its the best format and standard,


      * however my Canon 6Ti doesn't upload to Canon Web Services in RAW (you have to shoot in RAW + JPG (so twice the space used) and upload JPG.


      *  Lightroom 5.7 and RAW 9.x doesn't see or support RAW and its really clunkly in Photoshop 14? 


      What's the solution?  IS DNG supported by Canon Web Services, Lightroom 5.7?   I don't think so?  I know buy Creative Cloud and all will be solved?