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    Using Nikon D810 files in Lightroom - Tried many solutions, no luck.  Help?


      Here's my current Lightroom system snapshot below.  I've also tried converting files to DNG using version 9.3 of the Adobe DNG converter.  Nothing seems to work.  Thanks for any and all help.


      Lightroom version: CC 2015.3 [ 1052427 ]

      License: Creative Cloud

      Operating system: Mac OS 10

      Version: 10.10 [5]

      Application architecture: x64

      Logical processor count: 8

      Processor speed: 2.7 GHz

      Built-in memory: 16,384.0 MB

      Real memory available to Lightroom: 16,384.0 MB

      Real memory used by Lightroom: 403.9 MB (2.4%)

      Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 2,265.2 MB

      Memory cache size: 0.0 MB

      Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 8

      Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2,AVX

      Displays: 1) 2880x1800



      Graphics Processor Info:

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M OpenGL Engine



      Check OpenGL support: Passed

      Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation

      Version: 4.1 NVIDIA-10.4.2 310.41.35f01

      Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M OpenGL Engine

      LanguageVersion: 4.10





      Application folder: /Applications/Adobe Lightroom

      Library Path: /Users/mikeross/Pictures/Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog.lrcat

      Settings Folder: /Users/mikeross/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom



      Installed Plugins:

      1) Aperture/iPhoto Importer Plug-in

      2) Athentech Perfectly Clear v2

      3) Canon Tether Plugin

      4) Facebook

      5) Flickr

      6) HDR Efex Pro 2

      7) Leica Tether Plugin

      8) Nikon Tether Plugin

      9) Perfect B&&W 8

      10) Perfect Effects 8

      11) Perfect Enhance 8

      12) Perfect Photo Suite 8

      13) Perfect Portrait 8

      14) Perfect Resize 8



      Config.lua flags: None