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    Getting Started "Steps List"


      Hi. I am Bruce. I am looking for a step by step slow, dyslexic, adhd person's guide to dreamweaver.

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          rainwwater Level 1

          I can so relate to you. I have started the tutorial over and over just to get to the correct place to save the files. Here is what I have learned so far:

          Save the original download to the desktop.

          Extract those files. I left them right in the same folder...might have been a mistake.

          When you 'Save' your Getting Started site, don't save it right into the original downloaded folder, as that is the unextracted folder, but choose the second  'make-style-web-page' folder to save it in. This is where the unzipped files are. This is as far as I have gotten and it has taken me only 2 hours to get to this frackin spot