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    When I open lightroom, nothing happens.


      Lightroom cc is up to date, but when I click Open, nothing happens. No error message or anything. It worked for me a week ago. I share my account with a family member, and lightroom works perfectly for him (windows 7)


      Specs: (Laptop)

      OS: Windows 10

      GPU: Nvidia GTX 970m

      CPU: Intel i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz

      Ram: 16GB


      These are the things I have tried:

      Opening lightroom as Administrator.

      Signing out, then back in.

      Restarting my computer.

      Signing out then restarting my computer, then signing back in.

      Reinstalling lightroom.

      I tried renaming 2 folders like someone said in another post, but it had an error.