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    Filling Inbetween Keyframes

    Talscar Level 1

      Hello, i am exceptionally new to animating, and was looking for a program to help me Finnish what i started with a bit more ease.


      Originally i was looking at Adobe After Effects, but talking to a sales representative they recommended Adobe Flash.

      I got the software and tried to learn how to use it quickly as i could learn. And while it did what i learned, it did not benefit the task i wanted to achieve.

      Prior to looking for any software, i started making a animation frame by frame using Paint.net, which i was going to take the images, and use video editing software to put this animation together. However, i learned quickly, by going down this road. I will struggle to get this animation done to almost absolute perfection. I after went looking for someone to animate this project, and then went on to looking for a alternative to quit doing it myself when i found Key-frame Interpolation. From my understanding, if i have the key-frames already made where the main movements are created, then i should be able to use this feature to animate my project. I am currently trying to use flash, and from what i can tell, the intention i have won't work with frames i have already done prior to using flash.


      Where i stand, is if i want to do this animation with more ease, i can either redraw EVERYTHING in flash. Or i can stick to the traditional method i was using prior to Flash.


      If their was a way to draw everything prior, and the program would fill the blanks between key-frames, then i might actually do this to a more detailed level if i had enough skill and ability.


      This is a animation that i am still working on, but this is only apart of the first scene. The file is still in its layers, with transparency between images. This is so i could save images as PNG and then import to software where i could import a background, and then animate accordingly. This is one of the most basic scenes in my animation, and the one straight after involves a 180 rotation of the camera, and a view of what the character was swinging at. Please note, because of my rookie level of skill, my style of making this animation changed from straight lines to curvy lines. Feel free to judge, but i found this one part of my scenes took me about a week to create, and its still not perfect. The overall product length is estimated to be exactly 24 seconds. which is around 600 frames. This has a total of around 11 frames, and my date i was originally aiming to get this done by was Friday (Christmas day Australia). Now i have to expand, and make it New years day/eve, or otherwise when i get this completely finished.

      I don't want to be too complex with this, because the character is hard enough to draw standard... Let alone using a Blocky style.

      The hair is on the current project, so the head is less bare.


      I want to know how i can import my currently made images, and get the program to fill in the blanks. The jumping has only a total of 5 frames which is why it seems so jumpy. That will be finalized in the final product if it comes down to it, once all the animation from other scenes have been started.






      Please let me know, in what way can i achieve what i am trying to achieve? Personally... If i could, i would make everything look EXACTLY how i want it to be... But i find, this would be quite hard to achieve. And so you know exactly what i mean by the difficulty. Try drawing scales all over the mid section of the body. It would take way too long to achieve, and i barely have the time to muck around.

      Any information would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you very much!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          for complex animations using flash:


          put each animation on its own layer.


          for complex shape-tweens, use shape hints (modify>shape>add shape hints).


          learn to use the undo and experiement until you get the effect you want.


          frequently save your progress using 'save as' with version numbers attached to your fla name (eg, yourproject_01.fla, yourproject_02.fla etc) so you have backups in case one of your fla's gets corrupted.

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            Talscar Level 1

            Thanks. After reading this i went and tried it with the project i have, that is using PNG files to animate. I can always try copy and pasting from program to program directly, but its almost effect as doing PNG.
            All the features within flash *Modify>shape* are grayed out.


            I took some screen shots, i am uncertain of what i maybe doing wrong. or may have done wrong other them importing all images into the program, and adding them to blank key-frames on the time line.


            Modify grayed out.pngModify grayed out1.png

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              a bitmap is not a shape.


              select your bitmap>click modify>bitmap>trace bitmap to convert it to a shape.  then distribute the various sub-shapes to layers so you tween tween them.

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                Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

                I would also add that for character animation you could place each character part on it's own layer so the forearm is on one layer, and the bicep on another, the thighs, calves, hips, chest etc. all on their own layers. Then change the pivot point to the position where it will rotate from and move and rotate them from position A to position B and use Classic Tween to allow the program to move the symbols from one position to another. Here's a simple example of how to do this:


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