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    After Effects - moving layers help!


      I am trying to move my animated logo to the centre of the white rectangle, but I just want to move it so it ends up there. When I try and select all of it and move it, it keeps making new keyframes that I do not want! I do not have a lot of experience with after efffects so if someone could simply explain to me what I'm doing wrong that would help me a lot! Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 13.04.48.png

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          Paul Michelle Adobe Community Professional

          It's hard to say what you need to know without specifics about what's going on in the animation but....  Once a property has key frames AE will automatically add key frames for any changes you make to that property (I don't know if there is an option to turn this behavior off)   If the logo is animated and you're not happy with it's final position then move the time indicator to the position key frame of the final position then move the logo.  This will update that key frame position rather than adding a new one.   You could also create a null and parent the layer to the null then move the null but this will effect the entire animation rather than just the ending position.