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    13.6.1 on L2013 MacPro IS NO GO!!!!

    RealSting Level 1

      Adobe what on earth have you gone and done to the latest .1 update?!!! Crash after crash after crash!! We have now withdrawn After FX altogether and restarted the project on FUSION.. which incidentally was recreated in less than half the time (which is why we didn't roll back After FX).


      We built the project in 13.6 and things seemed fine.. issues with the slowness on the new Mac Pro were always there but at lease we could work. 13.6.1: brought playing back on the timeline system-quits almost every time. Footage is ProRes 422HQ, length 14 seconds. Some important pref settings shown:


      Still have sequences Id like to use After FX for as specific plugins are required - so would like to know whats going on with this 13.6.1

      Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 15.33.06.png Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 15.32.47.png