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    Premiere Elements 14 problem with graphic card, pending pictures in preview, rendering


      I used Premiere Elements 10 for years, without having bigger troubles. My Graphiccard Geforce 8800 GTS crashed some days ago, so I had to buy a new graphic card. I bought Asus Geforce GTX 750 Ti, but unfortunately Premiere Elements 10 did not work properly with this card. The preview monitor did not work, rendering stopped every few seconds/minutes.


      Mainly I import only still pictures and some HD Videoclips, all imported from my pc (and made with my canon camera before.). I read that there are some troubles with new drivers and old premiere versions. So i downloaded a test version of Premiere Elements 14. I work with this now since 2 days. But there are still many problems, after imported with "diashow" about 250 pictures to timeline, you cannot see the pictures in the timeline (only the outlines of pictures) and the preview monitor is inactive. Only showing media pending. Also rendering is not working. (starts, but remains on first frame) After some time i get a white screen. Currently I try another graphic adapter, Geforce 450 GTS, but it is the same problem.


      Im am using WIN7 Prof. 32-bit, Intel i7-4790, 8 GB Ram (but only 3,46 GB useable because of Win7), SSD 250 and second hard disk with 1 TB. I already copied the original pictures/videos to the SSD primary disk to avoid problems with the slower 1 TB harddisk.


      Sometimes I also get an message "to less memory" and than white screen, but not in context with the problems before. I dont think, that this is the reason, because I worked many years and many projects with same memory and pc config and more pictures with premiere elements 10 without troubles with memory.


      Does anyone have an idea? I do not want to buy the premiere elements 14, if it does not work properly.

      Thanks a lot in advance


      Sorry, if there are some errors with my english, my mother tongue is german....

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          There is a serious problem with Premiere Elements 10 on a computer the uses a NVIDIA GeForce video card/graphics card.

          The answer is not to up date the driver version to the latest one, but rather to roll back the driver version to May 2013. For details, please see ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE10: NVIDIA Video Card Driver Roll Back


          There is a link in the link for NVIDIA GeForce old drivers, but many of them do not go back far enough. If Premiere Elements 10 worked on your computer with a NVIDIA GeForce card at one time, you should explore using that card and the old driver for it which may still be on your computer under

          Device Manager

          Display Adapters

          Name of your NVIDIA card - its Properties - Driver Tab Under its Properties - and options under Properties/Update Driver.


          Alternatives might be...

          a. Use a video card/graphics card other than NVIDIA GeForce for computer using Premiere Elements 10

          b. Use a version later than 10 on the present computer


          Premiere Elements 10 through 14 are 64 bit application when run specifically on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64 bit. Currently you are have Premiere Elements 10 as 32 bit application a Windows 7 32 bit. So, taking your computer to 64 bit is a major consider for computer resources reasons. Also, depending on the pixel dimensions of your photos, Premiere Elements 10 32 bit application may be blocking their import if any exceed a certain pixel count.


          Please consider and supply more details. Any questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.



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            christianm72885884 Level 1

            Dear A.T. Romano,

            first of all, thank you very much for your input and feedback. :-)  I spent this christmas till today checking what is going wrong there... :-(


            Last test was now the old Premiere element 10 new installed with graphic card Geforce 450 GTS and i had the same problem. In the timeline there were only the outline of the pictures. Loading about 100 still-pics at once from the harddisk to the project is no problem. It´s also really quick, to put about 250 pics (still pics) at once to the timeline (using diashow together with cross-fading), but after that the problems occours.


            Can it be, that I am to unpatient and it needs more time after that? How long should it take about, after loading about 250 still pics (1 pic is about 1 to 4 MB), to the system until  (the preview monitor and the pics in timeline)  react - the pic occurs? Can this be 30 Minutes or hours?

            In the meantime rendering where done by starting it about 4 times. But the preview monitor does not work, you cannot play the preview.


            The problems are simular with all versions of premiere elements (10 or 14) and also with all graphic cards of Geforce. I would like to buy the premiere elements 14 (which I use now as a trial). I can give back the Geforce 750 Ti and buy another one. Can you recommend a graphic-card (up to 150 USD) which works without problems with premiere elements 14?


            If all does not work, i have to upgrade to 64bit.

            Please let me know, what you think ..


            By the way, you can see the videos which i create with premiere elements: https://www.youtube.com/user/christian4870/videos

            Just to get an impression that most of them are still pics.


            Thank you once again and best regards from Austria


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              christianm72885884 Level 1

              sorry, i closed this case by mistake - I am still waiting for questions before...

              Best regards