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    Need to install a second copy (per EULA)

    Steve Koterski
      I have a single user license for RoboHelp 7. I need to install a second copy of the software on my laptop. Have not been successful yet.

      Section 2.5 ("Portable or Home Computer Use") of the EULA expressly permits a single license user to install a second copy of the software on a laptop. However, the software activation mechanism prevents this. I installed the software, but it will not run until activated. Attempts to activate it result in an error about the software license already being activated and giving me the choice of deactivating the copy on my desktop (my main machine).

      I have only a limited time need for this second copy. The very specific purpose is to have a copy of the software on my laptop to show my RoboHelp work to potential employers during interviews. This complies with the EULA as I would not be using the software simultaneously on my other computer at home. Once I get a job, I have no need for this second copy and would uininstall it.

      Thanks for any advice anyone can provide.