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    Small parts of a large image?

    Aquitaine Level 1

      This may be more of an HTML solution than a CF solution; I'm not entirely sure how to go about it.

      I have a large map (of France, in this particular case, but it could be of anything) that is divided by county. I'd like to have it so, when you click on a county, it shows a sort of zoomed-in portion of that image. There are not so many counties that simply making separate images for each one is impossible; that's my current plan.

      But would it be possible to use CF wizardry, assuming I knew the X and Y coordinates of the location on the large picture I wanted to view, to somehow display just a slice of the original picture, without having to carve it up into 40 separate image files? How would you suggest that I approach this problem?

      Thanks very much!