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    Photos have all the keywords, but the keyword list does not show them at all

    RaymondLHJJanssen Level 1



      After moving from a MBP to an iMac and migrating everything (Lightroom and Photoshop CC) I have this very very strange problem.


      If I click on a picture, it'll have all the assigned keywords showing in the little keywording pane. However when I go to my Keyword List pane I can not find it anywhere in the hierachy. When I put that same word in the search field, it will then find it without problems and even show the correct place in the hierarchy. What is further strange is that the arrows are now all dotted.


      Example. If I look for 'Eastbourne in the search field, It will show me where it is... (Countries - Great Britain - Eastbourne). When I look in the Keyword List itself it will stop at Great Britain and show a dotted arrow with just two other entries.


      Does anybody know a solution to this problem?