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    Successfully connected, but can't play p2p multicast

    SickFMS Level 1

      I have stream P2P from my PC -> Server

      Server: rtmp://IP:port/multicast/

      Path: livestream?fms.multicast.type=3&fms.multicast.groupspec=G%3A01012105bcb15f821479b4d5772bd 0ca866c00ad5f926e3580720659cc80d39c9d09802a010c160e666d732e6d756c7469636173742e6578616d70 6 c65210e0a89524a0b9c760723e402e014461282153436490d3dea2adefae856bc7bbf3d000715313131313131


      Successfully connected, the server has received the signal. and saved manifest.f4m in foder application/multicast


      But i can't play stream P2P: http://IP:port/multicast/manifest.f4m


      Please help me, thanks now !!