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    Make a copy from DVD


      I created a video from elements 13 but lost the original on my hard drive. Is there a way to make a copy of my video on DVD to make another DVD or copy?

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you asking how to copy a DVD?

          If so, see here:

          Copy DVD - Windows

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            I am understanding your question to be that you lost an important file that went into an earlier DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc project. And, you want to rip a copy of this file from the DVD-VIDEO video files on the DVD disc. If that is the case, you will be able to recover the video, but you will need to re-do the menus for another DVD-VIDEO on DVD project.


            What computer operating system....assuming Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64 bit for now.

            Place the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc in the burner tray.

            Open Premiere Elements 13/13.1 to its Expert workspace and set the project preset manually to the NTSC or PAL settings using

            DV Standard


            DV Widescreen

            Use the following scheme for manually setting the project preset...

            • Open the project to the Expert workspace, and go to File Menu/New Project and Change Settings.
            • In Change Settings, set the project preset to one of the above. OK out of there.
            • In the New Project dialog that opens, rename the project and make sure to have a check mark next to "Force Selected Project Setting on This Project". OK out of there.
            • Back in the Expert workspace, import your source media Add Media/DVD camera or camera/Video Importer whose source field is set to the burner location with the disc inserted.

            Add to Timeline - the VTS_01_1.VOB file from the Video Importer.


            Edit the video, add movie menus if wanted, and burn to disc - either NTSC or PAL version DVD-VIDEO standard or widescreen on DVD disc.


            Please consider. If any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


            Thank you.



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              H2O4 Level 1

              well, I created a DVD with elements and a few days later I experience a crash on my computer I had to

              get a new computer and reinstall all software I had. Now I need to make a copy of the DVD and was hoping

              I could do it with elements, instead of looking for a copy program to make a copy.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Did the project file (project.prel) from which the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc was created survive the computer crash?

                If so, just open that project file in Premiere Elements 13/13.1, make sure that everything is there (including any disc menus), and do a burn to disc DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc.


                Did burn software come with your burner? If so, that usually comes with an exact copy feature. Is that a possible solution for you? That usually gives very good results.


                Any copies of Premiere Elements burn to disc come at Premiere Elements burn to time with the copy option enabled for x copies in the burn dialog.


                Please consider.



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                  H2O4 Level 1

                  No. I had to get a new drive. The original drive will not boot even in safe mode



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the additional information.


                    Do you have a program that will do exact copies of your DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc?



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                      H2O4 Level 1

                      No I do not. I was hoping elements 13 would have that option. I seem it does not and I will have

                      to get a software program that will do a DVD to DVD copy.,


                      Thanks for your help