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    import help


      I need help cleaning up my organization of the library.  I am naming all of my pictures by date and sequence.  I have it organized very simply by year and then the months (01,02,03,etc.) When I import from memory card out of canon camera it is placing the photos into a new 2015 folder under january not just into the already existing months.  Any ideas how to clean this mess up?

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi jstinauer,


          You may go ahead and choose the specific folder name in the destination folder panel in Import dialog box of Lightroom.


          Let me know if this helps.




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            jstinauer Level 1

            thanks for the reply.  OK so what if my card had pictures that were from 5 different months of the year.  Since I am naming the files (and have this preset) by date shouldn't it automatically sort them into the correct month without having to sort that out manually?

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              First, in the Library module, go to the Folders panel and make sure that the tree shown there matches the tree shown by Explorer or Finder. If it does not, select a folder and right-click and "show parent". Repeat as needed.


              In the Import dialog expand the "destination" panel and make sure the image are going where you want them to.