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    How to call JSP page from MXML file

      Hi List[],
      I am trying to call jsp page from MXML file and using FLEX Builder 3.
      But my jsp page is not calling .Please help me to solve this problem.

      Below is my attach code for mxml file.
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          Try this....put click="newURL()", it will call this function and instead of main.jsp use your JSP page. It worked for me.

          private function newURL():void {
          var str:String="main.jsp";
          var link:URLRequest=new URLRequest(str);
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            levancho Level 3
            I strongly suggest you to download and use debug version of plash player for development, otherwise you are gonna miss out the error messages.
            2) what protocol are you running your example in ?
            is it FIle ? if so then you need to run it in http protocol to request http resource.

            also register a resultEvent listener as well along with fault listener,