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    Trouble Merging Photos


      I just started using the Lightroom 6 trial and I can't seem to merge photos. It worked yesterday but not today. i select 3 photos and I get the preview just fine but when I click on merge it just reverts to the first photo that I selected. Any thoughts on what might be wrong?

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi ronb,


          Are you trying to use Photo merge options like HDR and panorama?

          If yes, please select the images >> Click on Photo menu > Photo Merge then choose the option.



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            ronb61024586 Level 1

            Yes, that is what I did. It shows me the preview but when I click on

            "Merge" nothing happens.

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              Are you Merging to HDR or PANORAMA ?


              A merge to HDR creates a new DNG file (in addition to your 'three') but it often does not look any different. If you try to develop it you will see you have more latitude for adjustments. (eg 10 stops of exposure!)


              A merge to PANORAMA needs some 25-30% overlap of the images to be successful, and works best from originals that have not been adjusted/edited in the Develop module first.


              Do you have your "Sort" options set to "Filename" below the Grid view ? so that the new merge file shows visible beside the originals.


              The process is very slow with large files!- Do you see the 'Progress Bar' near your identity plate at top of window?

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                ronb61024586 Level 1

                Yes, I was merging to HDR. I found the DNG file at the end of the

                photostrip. I was looking for it next to the images I was merging. My

                mistake. Thanks for your help.