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    Cannot authorize PC


      I have found many similar topics on the forums, but they mostly seem to be very old and none have provided any useful solutions.


      I have installed Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 on my PC running Windows 7. I previously had the same problem when running version 4.0.


      I have no authorizations present on my computer. The Erase Authorization option under the Help menu (opened with CTRL + SHIFT + D) is grayed out. I have attempted to uninstall ADE, deleted the related registry key folder (Adept), disabled Windows Firewall and reinstalled. This has not helped.


      When I choose Authorize Computer under the Help menu, the ebook vendor drop down menu only includes the option 'Adobe ID'. This is the first problem, as I'd prefer to use my OverDrive account.


      If I leave Adobe ID selected and enter my credentials (which I've confirmed on the Adobe website), I get the following error message:


      Connection Error

      Digital Editions could not connect to the activation server. Please make sure you are connected to the Internet.


      Obviously, I am connected to the Internet as I am able to post this topic. Any help would be appreciated.