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    Weird Flex Builder behavior...

    peteandrus Level 1
      i am running Flex Builder 3. I am having a weird problem. For a certain class, when i hit 'F3' to open the class' declaration, it is grabbing the copy in my CVS file instead of the actual class itself. The CVS folder is for version control in the same directory as the class. So, for example. I have a class called 'reportDelegate' in the package: components.delegates. In that same package is the folder 'CVS/base'. In that folder is a copy of the class: 'reportDelegate'. Whenever i hit 'F3' to open a declaration of that class, and whenever I try to use the auto-complete for that class, stuff is missing or wrong because FB is referencing the class found in the CVS folder (which is usually a bit out of date). Any ideas on how i can tell Flex Builder to ignore these folders?