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    Why does Adobe Premiere elements 11 not load my video?


      First the system, i work on a windows 10 and updated a while ago. I had no issues until today 12-27-15.


      So basically the problem is this


      1. Open Premiere elements 11

      2. Select New project

      3. Add media

      4. Click video avi [note recorded with fraps, which i have never had issues with before]

      5. Video shows up in files

      6. The little blue bar at the bottom left of the screen does not show up with the percentage loading it

      7. Drag video down to editing area

      8. Go to save it [tried multiple ways of saving it]

      9. Sits there trying to save it with no time til done popping up or anything.


      Usually and i mean as of last sunday. It would load the media in, a little blue bar would pop up at the bottom left of the screen and it would load the file. I would then delete the video feed, go to the save option and click the save mp3 medium quality and then it would take at max 3 minutes to save a 30 minute file. I've been doing the exact same thing for 2 years now and it was working up til last sunday which was 12-20-15. I tried running it with recommended settings, tried as admin, tried restarting computer, tried logging out of computer, have yet to try and reinstall but i refuse to do that until i know for a fact that windows 10 did not update some messed up update and caused my computer to have issues.


      So if you have any idea please let me know

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          FRAPS is certainly the issue here. It's using a codec that Premiere Elements isn't able to read on your machine.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            From what you wrote, I am understanding that Premiere Elements 11 is able to import your Fraps.avi file. It has "interpreted it".

            You see the import in Project Assets and can drag the file to the Expert workspace Timeline. The problem is that you cannot export that file as you did in the past. Please let me know if I have understood your situation. For the moment, assuming that I have, please clarify


            a. You talk about a video import (Fraps.avi), yet you talk about an audio export (mp3 medium quality). And, that audio export seems to be the problem. In your export, are you exporting just the audio component of the Fraps.avi to a mp3 file using Publish+Share/Computer/Audio with preset MP3 - Medium Quality?


            b. When you import the Fraps.avi into the project, what are you using for Add Media - Files and Folders or something else?


            Please clarify.


            Thank you.



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              kyler73986709 Level 1

              First, then why had it worked up until a week ago? Was there an update or something i do not know about? Premiere elements recognized the file just fine until yesterday. It was the first time in the 4-5 years i have owned Premiere Elements.

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                kyler73986709 Level 1

                Basically whatever that little blue bar is down at the bottom when you go to Add Media/ File and Folder/ Grab the video that you want/ then it loads in. That little blue bar that usually appears in the bottom right not left i just realized that. However the bottom right blue bar that shows up any time you load a file into Premiere elements does not seem to appear.

                Secondly, yes i cannot export the file like i had in the past.


                a. Yes i am deleting the video from the video and just exporting the audio as an MP3 Medium Quality. I do this by going into Publish+Share/ Mobile/ Audio Podcast/ MP3 Medium Quality.


                B. Files and Folders


                However due note i have been doing this for now 2 years. The same process of going in and clicking Add Media/ Files and Folders/ Video Folder [my personal folder]/ Clicking Video/ It then loads the little blue bar on the bottom right showing that its loading it in/ Click and Drag the file into the editing area in Expert/ Deleting Video/ Publish+Share/ Mobile/ Audio Podcast/ MP3 Medium Quality/ Then it does a quick 20-1min save and done.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the reply with additional comments. Appreciated.


                  With regard to the bar to bottom right of workspace...this is typically a progress bar for the program's conforming of audio and video components of a file. You should not have to do that again for the same file import. The audio conformed files are cfa (audio) and pek (waveform), and the video conformed files are .mcdb. and are stored automatically at designated hard drive locations. You need not see that each time you import the same file. You could delete all the cfa and pek files in the Media Cache Folder (by default in Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/11.0). Start a new project, and determine if the problem still exists. Your deleted cfa and pek will be automatically re-generated by the program when and if needed.


                  I would look to automatic updates of drivers that took place during the upgrade to Windows 10 64 bit. Perhaps a driver roll back might be indicated. Does the Fraps program get updated automatically? Do you have the QuickTime 7.7.6, not 7.7.8, installed on your Windows 10 64 bit?

                  QuickTime 7.7.6 for Windows


                  For troubleshooting purposes, you might want to try the Publish+Share/Computer/Audio with Presets = MP3 High Quality instead of Publish+Share/Mobile Phones and Player route. If you do not see Audio choice when looking at Publish+Share/Computer/, then use the thin scroll bar to the right of the choices and scroll down to Audio choice toward the bottom.


                  I realize that you have done this successfully for a long time. But, we must ask these questions so that we do not take anything for granted. Something has changed.


                  Thank you for exploring the comments.



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                    kyler73986709 Level 1

                    Well interesting enough i actually just figured out the problem. And Steve Grisetti was right. Adobe is not recognizing the Fraps file. I just tried it with a different video file that i had saved a while ago from Premiere as a MP3 file and it loaded it fine.


                    So is there any way i can set up Fraps recording to be recognizable by the Premiere or another recording software i can use that will work?


                    Also i tried deleting the media cache, and it still does not recognize the file. As in its not doing the progress bar for conforming the video file.


                    Fraps has not been updated for a few years now. To get it to work with Windows 10 you must record only on games now. Meaning i just load up minecraft and fraps then hit record to record all audio on my computer for my meetings. This then allows me to go into Premiere and delete the video and upload the audio file to the rest of the people i work with.


                    And what i am saying as far as troubleshooting is that it won't save it in any format. I have tried to do so with each of the different options in Publish+Share. Thus the file is not loading or being recognizable to Premiere. So without that little blue bar down on the bottom right to conform the audio and video, my Fraps AVI file is not gonna load into Premiere. As i said above however i loaded an MP3 file that i had saved last sunday. And although it was originally a Fraps AVI file i had already saved it to an MP3 and it loaded.


                    And its not just one specific video file, all my AVI Fraps recordings are not loading into Premiere.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Here is where I am not completely in sync with your conclusions....


                      If you can import your FRAPS.avi into Premiere Elements so that you can drag it to the Timeline (video/audio tracks) and see and hear it played back in the edit area monitor, then Premiere Elements is importing your file and recognizing it FRAPS.avi file. If this is true, then please right click the FRAPS.avi thumbnail in Project Assets, select Properties and then Interpret Footage and give us the data seen for the file.


                      What I seem to be seeing is a problem encoding the FRAPS.avi audio to .mp3 format in Publish+Share/. What is the audio compression in your FRAPS.avi file - pcm or adpcm or something else? And, if you are deleting the video component (FRAPS video codec), then all the export is facing is an audio codec coming to it for encoding to the same or another format. Is there something special about audio format in a FRAP.avi file?


                      Again, if a file is already conformed by the program to generate the audio and waveform conformed audio files (cfa and pek) for that file, you would not expect to see that same file conforming again unless perhaps you deleted the conformed audio files generated in the first place. So, I do not see necessarily that conforming not seen is a criteria for MP3 failure in this case.


                      Please consider.


                      Thank you.



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                        kyler73986709 Level 1


                        There are the properties. And as i said does not seem to want to save the file. Yes i can put it into the audio and video track and play it and it works. However it will not save in any format. I have tried keeping the video i have tried just the video, and i have tried each format.