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    Problems displaying videos

    joachims25232702 Level 2

      I have 150 videos in a catalog, mostly 30 to 200 sec recorded by smartphones or small cameras. I have trouble playing all of them because some are grayed out. They show their file name and date if I move the mouse pointer over, but remain grey.

      One of my two systems has dual core 3.4Ghz with 16Gb of Ram and Windows 10.  I tried to clear the Videocache. The LR notice never dissappeared. I tried to search the cache and found something in the Adobe folder but it seems not to work. Where is that cache? I unclicked the "limit cache size" button and then it worked somehow again. Meanwhile I lost 20 Gbyte from my hard disk space. As an excersize I tried to look at the "raw" cache. The location of the cache as LR displays it does not exist:  It has the username of my other system in it which is different to this system.

      I wonder about the role of the "previews" in that context. Are previews generated for videos? Are they needed? I can select a video and force LR to make previews for it. That takes ages and I stopped that. Any insight on that would be helpfull.

      I have another system with a dual core mobile 2Ghz, 4Gb Ram and Windows 10 too. There I never get to see the videos, regardless of what I do. Both system use an identical copy of the source files and LR is set up identically. But the Videocaxhe does clear and LR closes the window that it says would close once the cache is empty.

      I can not create a slideshow with videos that are grey. Sometimes it seems that forcing a slide-preview forces LR to have a second look at the videos and un-grey some of them.

      I did install the new "sequencer" dll. That at least helped me to eventually make a video slideshow with my first system for Christmas.

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi joachims,


          Please check the actual video is correctly allocated with Lightroom Catalog, there are not missing.


          Please refer the below link to re-locate the missing files & folders in Lightroom.


          How to find missing photos in Photoshop Lightroom


          Let us know if that helps.



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            joachims25232702 Level 2

            Sure, first thing I did: click on "find in folder", it is there. Then click on "find in explorer", I can play it there with Windows tools.

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              joachims25232702 Level 2


              I revisited the problem:

              I originally had all source files and the catalog on an external drive with letter L.

              Eventually, system 1 did connect to all videos there.

              I then copied the complete content from this external drive L to the internal D drive of system 2.

              I then assigned the letter L to this internal drive D from the system 2. Then I started LR, opened the catalog of the drive L (which was D before). The catalog did find its files ok, but as said, did not connect to some videos.

              That was the problem I reported earlier.


              Today I connected the external drive with its original letter L to the system 2 where I left the letter D for the internal drive which still contained the catalog. I launched the catalog from D which connected to the source files on the external drive L and found all files there. And.... Sloooowly it connected to all videos and played them!

              Before it did that, LR spent 2 minutes re-shuffling folders. That was strange because for LR, the source files were always on an L drive. But LR must have recognized that the disk had changed.

              And that seems to be the heart of the problem. I think I see more of this problen in other posts.

              Could you explain what LR sees in a disk besides its assigned letter? And why it is not good to trick LR by changing drive letters?

              Also, I still like to know where LR keeps its videocache and if one needs previews for videos.

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                Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

                Well, its not about the Lightroom. It is how Windows OS works.

                If you have noticed and worked on Mac, it show all the external drive connected to it with name like Segate Or WD, In Windows whenever you connect a drive it assign letters to it and that's how your programs see it on Windows.


                It happens on Windows machine when you have multiple external drive and you connect and reconnect multiple times. best way to correct it if the drive letter gets changed, then change it again via disk management on Windows.




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                  joachims25232702 Level 2

                  Meanwhile I found the location of the Videocache:

                  C:\Users\strob\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\Media Cache Files

                  "strob" is my username

                  It was pretty big and set to unlimited. Nevertheless, LR would not display Videos (again). I deleted all files there (took 2 minutes) and then it worked again.

                  It would still be good to know if previews are needed for Videos.

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                    Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

                    After deleting the Media cache file, if you don't loose anything from Lightroom like editing an all, so its fine.