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    Export book to interactive swf

    ascotto Level 1

      Hi all, I found this topic (since 2010 or so) somewhere on the forum but without good responses, so I'll give it a new chance…


      I'd need to export a book to a swf that allows me to preserve some basic buttons' interactivity (links to pages) and "page turn" transition (no more that original, btw…).

      So, it seems not possible doing it from the book panel, any idea?

      I thought I could export every doc of the book to swf, but then could I merge all swfs into a whole one (with Flash? I don't know…)? It will make a mess between every last/first page of two docs, won't it?

      Or maybe, I could merge all indd docs into one, but how?


      Thanks for your support, guys!