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    12/28/2015 - Release - AIR 20 Runtime and SDK

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Today we're pleased to announce that the next version of AIR is available for immediate download.  This release of AIR provides both security and functional bug fixes.


      Below are some of the key features and benefits of AIR 20.  Please see our release notes for full details.


      New Features:

      • AIR 64-bit on Mac OS X

      The AIR shared runtime and SDK are now fully 64-bit on OSX!  With AIR 20, all Mac AIR applications will be 64-bit compatible.  If you require 32-bit compatibility for OSX, please continue to use AIR 19 to create captive runtime applications.  For Windows developers, we hope to have a 64-bit solution out to our beta channel in the near future.


      • Video rotation information available to ActionScript

      The Flash runtime will now process the track header box and movie header box metadata correctly, allowing for correct positioning and sizing of video.

      • Android SDK Upgrade

      We’ve updated AIR with the latest Android SDK version (24.3.4).  This will allow us to implement the latest features available to Android (in particular, Android TV support currently in our AIR beta).


      • iOS SDK Upgrade

      The AIR Runtime is now built with the iOS 9 SDK which enables AIR developers to use ANEs built with iOS 9 APIs without using the –platformSDK switch when packaging with ADT.  In iOS9, Apple has introduced App Transport Security (ATS) which blocks unsecure connections between App and Web services.  Due to this change, all connections made to unsecure web sites via Loader and URLLoader are now blocked by default and will not work due to App Transport Security.  Please specify exceptions to the default behavior by adding keys to the InfoAdditions tag of your app's application descriptor.











      • SecureSocket support for iOS

      SecureSocket support has been available for the desktop and Android platforms, but wasn’t implemented on iOS.  With AIR 20, this has been remedied and developers can now take advantage of this feature on all platforms, for both Flash Player and AIR.


      • Stage3D instanced drawing

      We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of our developers.  Our Stage3d API’s have allowed developers to create incredibly beautiful and fluid performing games.  This new API will leverage the GPU on mobile devices and provides improved performance when drawing similar objects numerous times in a scene.



      Fixed Issues:


      • ADL quits unexpectedly in certain sceanrios [4092617]
      • [MAC] native installer for AIR application gives error in certain scenario [4098155]
      • [Android] Simple option to add "flagNoExtractUi" on Android in Landscape mode for StageText. (3789398)
      • [iOS] Bundle errors appearing on uploading app on Appstore (4079233)
      • [iOS] Performance problem with the AOT compiler : difference in the execution of the methods with object and interface. (4082885)
      • [iOS]: Packaging is failing on Win 8 on targets (ipa-test, ipa-app-store,ipa-debug,ipa-ad-hoc) targets while packaging real world apps with error "Compilation failed while executing : ld64” (4095930)
      • [iOS ] "This build is invalid" error in iTunesConnect while uploading app
        • This issue has been fixed on Mac. To package the app correctly, so that it gets uploaded to iTunesConnect without any errors, the developer needs to perform following
        • Add certificate in the Keychain Access of the Mac and provide necessary permission to it while adt accesses the certificate.
        • If doing a remote login (ssh) for packaging the app, an extra command is required. Security unlock <home>/Library/Keychains/login.keychain for successful packaging.

      Known Issues:

      • Incorrect value of object if using type casting [4057763]
      • [iOS][Win] IPA packaged on Windows machine cannot be submitted to the Apple App store. Error "This build is invalid" occurs in iTunes connect.
      • [Android] ATF texture gets corrupted on MALI GPU platform (4041690, 3961778)
      • [iOS 7] There are several issues related to Screen Orientation on iOS7. There is simple workaround for this Use platform sdk switch pointing to iOS9 sdk.
        • <sdk Path>/adt -package -target <target> -provisioning-profile <provisioning profile> -storetype pkcs12 -keystore <certificate> -storepass <password> <name of ipa> <xml> <swf> -platformsdk <platform sdk home>



      Download Locations:


      AIR 20 runtime for Windows: Runtime Download

      AIR 20 runtime for Macintosh: Runtime Download


      AIR 20 SDK & Compiler for Windows: SDK & Compiler Download

      AIR 20 SDK & Compiler for Macintosh: SDK & Compiler Download


      Note: To provide all the all the necessary tools for our developers in one place and avoid having to download multiple components, we are packaging Adobe AIR 20 SDK and ActionScript Compiler 2.0 in a single SDK called “Adobe AIR 20 SDK & Compiler”.


      AIR SDK 20 (Compatible with Flex) for Windows: SDK Windows Download

      AIR SDK 20 (Compatible with Flex) for Macintosh: SDK Macintosh Download


      Previous versions of the AIR runtime and SDK can be found on the Archived AIR SDK and Runtimes page