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    MovieClipLoader loading external swf with file dependencies

      I'm trying to use the MovieClipLoader class to load external swfs into my main movie. A problem occurs when the external swf relies on or loads external files. The external swf acts as if it's running in the same directory as the main swf and expects files to be located relative to that.

      For example:

      Normally external.swf loads 'depends_on/lib.swf' using MovieClipLoader.
      When external.swf is loaded by main.swf using MovieClipLoader, external.swf fails to load 'other_path/depends_on/lib.swf' and gives the error:
      Error opening URL '{...}/main_movie/depends_on/lib.swf'

      This seems to be similar to having the base parameter set improperly in the html, but I haven't been able to find a way to set this when loading an swf dynamically with MovieClipLoader.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.