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    Can't page in text reflow mode [Android]


      I have bad eyes and use text reflow to read novels because I can increase the font to a readable size.  Since the latest release, I've been unable to 'page' in text reflow mode.  I used to be able to swipe sideways to get the next page of text (it may be on the same physical page but only about 1/5 of a page is showing on my screen.  It would show me the 2/5 after I swiped)  Now it only lets me swipe upward and there is no control over how many lines go past so I'm always trying to find where I left off.


      Is there a way to get the 1 page of text advance back?

      Is there a way to make the upward swipe move a consistent number of lines?

      Can I go back to an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader where that functionality was  present?

      Is there a timeline for when this feature will be re-enabled?