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    Adding Texture to Illustrator Layers displaces .ai layers in After Effects


      I recently animated a short in After Effects. I created a few characters in Illustrator, brought the layers into After Effects, rigged, and animated them. My intention was to add a texture to each layer but I didn't want to slow down the program so I decided to add it when I finished. I added the texture from the Photoshop Effects menu. "Texturizer" to be specific. I did not move any of my layers in Illustrator but when I hit save and open up my project in After Effects, all of my layers have been moved all over the place.


      My theory is that is has something to do with the effects not being a vector effect but I'm not sure.


      I cannot start over the animation progress and hope to find a simple workaround. One option is to add the texture in After Effects but that would almost double my layer and composition count and would take a long time, unless there is a simpler way to add textures within AE I don't know about.


      Any comments or advice?


      Thanks guys.