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    MP4 export with marker

    havanna63 Level 1

      Hi together,

      I have a video tutorial with several chapter. I don't want to export it as Disc. I want to export it as mp4 file for computer. I know, Windows Media Player i.e. can handle marker. How can I export the project with the markers to enable it to jump from marker to next marker?


      I read that this is possible with an external tool like Drax - but is it also possible without using an external tool?



      Kind regards Thomas

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements is not capable of outputting MP4s with markers, Thomas.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            I am not sure about the following, but....


            You can add chapter markers to your video once it is uploaded to YouTube.

            If your viewing will be YouTube, you upload your Premiere Elements Timeline and add the Chapter markers once at YouTube. This seems to be popular with those uploading longer videos and wanting YouTube viewer control over "what next".


            Now here is the part I wonder about....

            If you upload your Premiere Elements Timeline to YouTube, add Chapter markers there, then download the .mp4 upload version to your computer, do you then have your H.264.mp4 file with chapter markers for your computer and whatever player you have that supports the use of those Chapter markers at playback? But, you might consider this an external tool for what you seek.



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              havanna63 Level 1

              Thanks guyes for your answers...


              It seems like Steve wrote, that Premiere Elements doesn't support this. With the external tool (like Drax) I can add this marker and save it as mp4. Drax also then know the markers - so it should be saved into the file.


              A.T.Romano - thank you for the hint, that the markers can used for upload to Youtube. You're right with your question which player support this markers for playback. Sorry, I'm self are not a prof regarding video export and using. A lot of video tutorials are availible as download stream (.mp4) and with a playtime over more than one or two hours. My idea was that it is possible to jump in a player from one chapter to another. But it could be that this is not possible even markers are included in the mp4 file.



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply.


                I have not yet tried the YouTube chapter markers applied to the video once it is at YouTube. Interesting concept for the person with the very long video for viewing at YouTube.


                Please update us on any further developments as your schedule permits.


                Best wishes



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                  havanna63 Level 1

                  O.k. After some days of recherche I'm a bit smarter


                  It depence on the player, whether markers are supportet or not. Under Windows the VCL Player support this markers - but not the standard Media Player from Windows.

                  It could be, that the player from Apple/mac also support this markers. The only way to add markers to mp4 is at the moment with using a third party tool like Drax.


                  Here a screenshot from VLC (sorry in German with the markers "start", "Teil 1" and "Teil 2". And it's possible to jump to each marker.

                  I think this is smart as in my case. My tutorial video has a length of 3 hours - so you can jump to the marker if necessary.



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the follow up. Just today another Premiere Elements user asked about files with chapter markers. I included the link to your thread (the one we are in now) to my reply to that user.


                    Thank you for introducing an interesting question and details.


                    Best wishes