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    day 5 last exercise bundle error

      found this after fixing some errors in my code.
      Unable to resolve resource bundle "localization".
      Resource= ReservationSystem
      Location= Unknown

      so how do I fix this problem?

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          was able to figure this out from the docs under topic:

          Advanced Flex Programming

               > Localizing Flex Applications

                    > Creating resources ( http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/l10n_3.html#158343 )


          step 19 needs an additional command-line argument to add your locale resources to the source-path, so all of the command-line options I am using look like this (the ../locale is relative to the src directory):

          -locale=en_US,es_ES -source-path=../locale/{locale} -allow-source-path-overlap=true


          making this change allows the solution to compile (I'm using sdk version 3.4).


          Another detail I had to correct on my workstation was to reset the command-line flex_sdk_home and path environment variables when using the copylocale command from my shell (it was pointing to another version of the flex sdk, putting the locale/es_ES assets in the wrong place).


          edit: this relates to exercise 26 (Localization using resource bundles) on the 5th day of the Flex in a week series.