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    How to move files synced from LR mobile




      My desktop HD is filling up, so I want to move my image files from the desktop to an external HD.  I have moved most of the files from within LR and without incident.  However, I have a bunch of files that were taken on vacation, and originally downloaded to my iPad. When I got home they automatically synced to my catalog and were copied to my desktop into a folder called mobile downloads.lrdata.  I can't make LR recognize that folder so that I can copy the photos within LR.  I also would like to change the target for the synced mobile files to something more user-friendly. 


      Any suggestions how I can (1) make LR recognize the .lrdata file/folder so that I can copy the images, and (2) how to designate a folder on my external as the target for files synced from my iPad?