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    Can't Wrap Text in Tables in RoboHelp 8

      Several years ago, at a different job, I used RoboHelp X3, and I could wrap text in tables.

      At my current job, I use RoboHelp X5 and I have never been able to wrap text in tables in that version.

      I recently downloaded and tested the RoboHelp 8 trial, and therein, I still cannot get the text in my tables to wrap. I have followed the instructions on http://help.adobe.com/en_US/RoboHelp/8.0/RoboHTML/WSA70FCA2B-1077-40b7-842B-3E747A8FA46F.h tml#WS11CF330F-E3A3-474d-8458-4BE313D6DFF4, and still, it does not wrap.

      To test RoboHelp 8, I am using a help project that was previously used in RoboHelp X5. I have not tried to create a table and get the text to wrap in a totally new RoboHelp 8 project. Not sure if that would make a difference or not.

      Any advice from the user community would be greatly appreciated, as this issue will make or break my decision to either upgrade to RoboHelp 8, or buy MadCap Flare. And I'd MUCH rather stick with RoboHelp if at all possible.