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    Authorizing & de-authorizing a device

    mariecj56 Level 1

      My old ASUS tablet is completely defunct. I need to de-authorize this device, but the only help I can find asks me to plug the live device into my computer. Since the device is inoperable that won't work. How can I get this device deauthorized? I also need to authorize my new tablet. I was able to do this with ADE, but the related Overdrive app (which uses my ADE ID) is not recognizing the ebooks that ADE shows, so I can't read them using Overdrive. The only Overdrive Help I can find says to click on the "Devices" header under Settings, but when I log in with my library ID, it doesn't give me any "Devices" header and refers me to my local library for support--but this is not an issue the library can help with since the ebooks don't belong to the library. I purchased them. Overdrive doesn't apparently provide any support of its own. I've also tried to sign in with Facebook (failed) and Overdrive doesn't recognize my email address as having an account with them. I tried Adobe support, but they were not helpful. Does anybody know what I can do?