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    Ink Limit

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      For my every job, i need to check if the file have ink limit more than 320%. If it found then i need to report to my client. So far i did this in PDF. But i hope it can be done in indesign itself. Any ideas or suggestion to alert this in javascript please.


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          Hi All,


          Any suggestions please.

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            Hi All,


            Any solution for this.

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              Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Any solution for this.

              Yes. But that's not in the scope of InDesign.


              Even if showing the view could be scripted, how would you analyze the screen representation for the total amount of color?

              This kind of preflight or postflight should be done with PDFs and appropriate software in the workflow chain after exporting the PDF.


              And even then, often as not you need a human eye to decide what to do.

              Software that is correcting TAC automatically is using Device Link Technology.

              InDesign is not able to do so.



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