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    Best approach to import into Lightroom?


      I used Elements on a PC for many years, over time adding metadata.  I kept all my files organized by event date on my drive, and obviously all the data to changes, etc. were on my Elements library.  I bought a Mac about a year ago with the intention of using Lightroom, but never got around to making that transition.  To protect my files and ensure they weren't lost, transferred all of my pc files (including pics/videos) to the Mac retaining the same file structure (date based for my pics).  I never used descriptive names for my events... always went by date, and used metadata to ID pictures based on family member or event (i.e., birthday).  Unfortunately at the time, as I am basically a novice and also struggled making a leap from PC to Mac, I got discouraged in making the transition to lightroom because of the complicated workarounds being suggested due to Lightroom not having a decent migration tool.  Now I want to get it over with and live with whatever losses/limitations I have and build from scratch if necessary.


      Here are the details of my current situation...

      - I imported all my photos (roughly 100GB) from my PC to my Mac into iPhoto (before Macs went to Photo).  I believe what I have effectively is an iPhoto library containing it's dedicated Master files, and my original files in their original file structure.

      - With the recent Mac OS upgrade, I now also have a Photo Library, but I've done nothing in here or with this library.

      - I've dowloaded both Lightroom (Creative Cloud) and Elements 14 Trial to my mac, but have not attempted to do any importing as of yet.



      I essentially have done nothing new in iPhoto, except to recreate/update events as it could not entirely distinguish all of my files/events.  I am wondering now if there is a better approach from me to now deal with my Elements library on my PC so as to retain all of my metadata and edits going into Lightroom, or could I effectively do that from the file structured I copied over to the mac?


      Any suggestions on the best approach are greatly appreciated.