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    folder missing moved locationin LR CC on PC


      Okay.  I've messed up.  I know HOW I messed up can't figure how to fix.  I'm on a PC, Surface Pro 3, FYI.  What I did was MOVE my Canon T6s folder FROM folder called PICTURES on my external hard drive TO just be a main folder on my external hard drive D: I moved it on the computer NOT in LR, couldn't figure out how. Now I'm doing my first import into LR after that move and no pictures are showing up to import in the folder I want to import into LR. The folder is showing in Library Module just not any photos. I have tried to right click on my Canon T6s folder in Library Module to UPDATE folder location but that doesn't seem to help.  I just wanted to be organized and have it D:/CanonT6s/whateverfolder not D:/Pictures/CanonT6s/whateverfolder, do you see what I mean, that's where I changed.  My LR catalog is on this external hard drive too, as D:/LRCatalog. AND I am using Smart Previews if that makes any difference when I import.  I'm not very far along in this new re-org of my LR only 460 photos so I want to get it right quickly.  Thank you Thank you Thank you in advance.