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    Lightroom CC last version wont run



      I am currently trying to open light room CC in wid 8.1 (64bit) with a r7 250x graphics card, intel i5 4460 and 8gb of ram. I downloaded the app from the cloud and installed it. I ran the program but the splash screen did not work or appeared. I opened the task manager and when i try to open lightroom, it goes into the background processes and makes the CPU column goes up to 30%, but from there it doesn't do anything else. I install the Visual c++ and, sign out of the cloud, uninstalled and reinstalled light room multiple times and restarted my computer multiple times. Other programs run fine and they don't have a problem at all. Does anybody know if this problem has to do anything to do with the last update? or what is going on with the software?


      I appreciate your help