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      Is there anyway I can retrieve deleted files, that have been deleted using dreamweaver?

      The story...

      I've just been creating some static pages using coldfusion CFHTTP, created about 12,000 pages locally then realised the image src's would be all wrong. I navigated to the folder in which they were created, clicked the top one.. shift clicked the bottom one and 'delete'..... and I'm positive I got that right

      So that's deleting in the background whilst I continue working on other files within the site.... which all of a sudden start dissapearing off the file list.. all the root files dissapeared. All folders remain but a couple of them are empty now... and out of the 12,000 pages I wanted to delete there are 3726 remaining.

      Using the basic Shift click method - I cannot see any logical way I could have selectively deleted the root folder, emptied two random folders and only deleted 75% of the targetted files.. sooo I can only imagine whilst I continued dreamweaver it got confused....