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    Applying a paragraph style using a GREP?

    Alex Zanzico

      Hi All,


      My line of work requires me to generate lots of financial tables of information in print layout, a large portion of my time is spent formatting table figures. Typically in the reports I work on we have to input normal figures and negative figures in brackets. The figures in brackets normally have no right hand indent to give the impression that they are hanging out slightly and that the last figures are aligned whether they are normal or negative (please see below):

      Screen shot 2015-12-29 at 11.16.04.png

      My approach to this is generating a paragraph style for each, the bracket style not having any indent and the normal figures style having whatever indent it needs in order to align with the last figure in the bracket. This is quite a manual process which takes time and additional checking when files come back from our clients. I am wondering if I can add a GREP to the normal figures style to find a bracket '(' and automatically apply the brackets style to it? If there is an easier, more straight forward method to what I'm try to accomplish above, I would of course be open and grateful for any advice anyone might have.


      I hope that all makes sense, if not I'm happy to clarify any further detail if needed.


      Many thanks!