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    Player Product install not working correctly?

    john isaacks Level 1
      I wanted to see if the auto-update feature worked on my Flex application, so I downloaded flash player 7 from adobe's archives and visited the page. The little dialog box pops up asking me to update, but when I click yes, no, or even when I click the "?" nothing happens. So I installed flash 8 on another computer and same thing. I verified that the playerProductInstall.swf is in the right location, I am not sure what else to try?

      any ideas?

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          rtalton Level 4
          Make sure you have at least 6.0.65 (I know you said you downloaded ver 7, but just verify). This is the minimum version required for a Flash-Based install.

          I've never tested this, so this is just a guess: is a pop-up blocker preventing you from getting the upgrade?
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            john isaacks Level 1
            Thanks for responding

            Yeah I just verified it by right clicking, and it says "Flash Player 7"

            I did test on a 3rd machine and it did work, I didn't see what version they were on but I think they were on 9. (then updated to 10).

            I don't think its a pop up blocker but I'll check to see if I have any pop-up blockers on.

            Also when it did work, my page asked the user to close the page for the update to take effect. My boss was watching and didn't like that because he says that "we would have just lost the customer" well I don't know what to tell him?