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    Adobe Flash Player will not load


      Adobe Flash Player will not properly install on my pc, Windows 7.  All updates have been installed.  After following instructions to install and uninstall Adobe Flash Player the only place it appears is in 'Uninstall Programs'.  Shockwave Player is enabled.  I have rebooted after install/uninstall attempts.  My technical skills are limited.  What I have read on-line of those with similar problems became too technical for me to follow.  Can anyone assist?

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          Click on my name and in my profile on here there is an sourceforge link. If you hit that link, then you will see a Green button, You can use that version IF you are on a 64 bit system, that will perform a clean install of Adobe Flash Player relatively quickly. Leave the default parameters checked 'unless you do not want automatic updates of flash'.


          IF you are on a 32bit system you cannot use that exe you must click under that browse all files, then a folder called BAT version, then the one that says XP and UP , Download and run as administrator, that will also to the basic clean install process for you.


          See if one of those works for you


          Best regards

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            I am facing the same problem on different video websites i.e video site link and now worried due to hectic routines, It will be a great help if anyone can resolve the issue.