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    Template Error: can not resolve macro: OutputCurTocChunkDataBlock.xml


      hi i received "Template Error: can not resolve macro: OutputCurTocChunkDataBlock.xml" when compile project to webhelp with substring search enabled

      and this is the whole error:


      Template Error: can not resolve macro: OutputCurTocChunkDataBlock.xml("0","1=book,name,url,target,images; 2=item,name,url,target,images; 4=project,name,url,ref,target,images; 8=chunk,name,url,ref,target,images;") in C:\Users\admin\Desktop\striphpp\!SSL!\WebHelp\whxdata\whtdata0.xml

      ...Template Error: can not resolve macro: OutputCurTocListChunkDataBlock("1") in C:\Users\admin\Desktop\striphpp\!SSL!\WebHelp\whgdata\whlstt1.htm


      this error happened when compile large html  files to webhelp any ideas why this error accord but when disable substring search it build successfully without problem