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    Selecting Video with buttons

    steve_puddy Level 1

      I am looking for a way of inserting about 10-20 small video clips shot from different angles (in a circle around the subject) in my movie with the ability to cycle through them with 2 buttons (one for next angle and one for previous angle). So the effect is pressing left/right moves the camera round a bit.
      I've been looking around for a way to do it and frantically searching lingo examples for a piece of code i could use.

      I figure i'll need to use something like:


      alternatively i could put the clips together into 1 video and have the buttons play diffeent sections of the 1 large video, but i don't know how to do this either.

      any solutions/suggestions or tutorials would be amazing
      I am very new to director and Lingo so please be gentle!