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    Updating Folder Location (please urgent)


      As much as I love Lightroom I got to know (the hard way) that a single mistake can send you to a land full of pain and sorrow.


      So I just want to double check with you pro guys if I'm doing everything right. I got a new mobile 4TB HDD which will replace my much bigger 5TB HDD. Folder A and B are on the 5TB, and now I copy Folder A to my 4TB disc and Folder B to a small 2TB disc. So what I do is just clicking on each main folder in Lightroom on the left panel and right click-select "Update Folder Location" and select the folders on their new home.


      That's it, right? From my understanding no edits will be lost or whatsover and the whole Lightroom library uses my new hard drives from now on.