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    PMS Vector with drop shadow corrupting Indesign PDF/Commercial printing


      I'm beating my head against a wall. My client wants a drop shadow added to their 2 Spot Color logo - but I can't add a black drop shadow without adding an extra plate, so the drop shadow must be in one of their two PMS colors. Fine. PMS drop shadow not ideal, but possible, no?


      I've saved their logo, with PMS drop shadow as an eps, ai, and pdf, placed each file format into Indesign and exported a pdf (preflight to press). The eps will not export correctly from Indesign (the logo appears to have white boxes added into the logo). The ai and pdf will export from Indesign just fine, but once I put this exported PDF into my pre-flight software, I get the same white boxes obscuring the logo.


      What do I do? I need to preserve the spot colors and I need a PMS drop shadow, adding black is not an option. Is what I am trying to do even possible?