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    Numbering References




      I am working on a 100+ page document that contains close to 150 referenced phrases/information throughout. Is there a way to attach a specific reference to a phrase of text so that if the document information gets reordered (during the multiple phases of approvals) the references at the back of the document reorder themselves automatically? I have included an example below.


      Original Text:

      Sentence one goes here.1 Sentence two goes here.2 Sentence three goes here.3


      Original References:

      1 Reference one here.

      2 Reference two here.

      3 Reference three here.


      Revised Text:

      Sentence three goes here.1 Sentence one goes here.2 Sentence two goes here.3


      Revised References:

      1 Reference three here.

      2 Reference one here.

      3 Reference two here.


      I would appreciate any guidance any of you can give me.


      Thank you!