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    Track Motion Problem

    scottmccoll Level 1

      I got the camera tracker to work once but now I am stuck. I've analyzed a scene where the camera pans by clicking track camera. When I select a target and create text and camera the text appears but it isn't tracked to the motion of the scene. I can see the track points are correct and move when the camera pans but the text stays at the same place in the frame. Hopefully there is just a small step I'm missing because I got it to work previously and I am following the same video tutorial I used the first time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've included a link to a video showing what I'm talking about.



      motion track problem after effects - YouTube

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first thing I would do is check the tracking markers to make sure they are attached to the right plane. If they look good and you are viewing the active camera everything should work with the latest builds of AE.

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            scottmccoll Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, Rick. I checked to make sure the tracking markers are following the points in the footage correctly. I think that is what you meant by making sure the tracking markers are attached to the right plane. I've only created one camera in this comp so I'm pretty sure I'm viewing the active camera. I'm stumped as where to go from here.

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              scottmccoll Level 1

              So I was able to successfully camera track and insert text into other clips. But I kept getting the same problem with this clip in particular. When it was failing it would create the text way off to the left out of the frame and it wouldn't move with the camera. I kept retrying it and it eventually worked. Didn't do anything different, worked on the 8 attempt.